Linux Connect
Executing following command in Linux terminal you can directly access your box.
ssh -i KEY File
-i keypair.pem

Windows connect using Putty
PuTTY is a free and open source terminal emulator application which can act as a client for the SSH, Telnet, rlogin, and raw TCP computing protocols and as a serial console client. 

Step -1
First you have to download Putty.exe and PuttyGen.ext into your PC click here and download

Step 2
Run PuttyGen.exe click Conversions -> Import Key.

Step 3
Choose keypair.pem the Key Pair.

Step 4
In Parameters select Type of Key Generate SSH-1(RSA). Click Save private key.Same directory Puttygen will generate .ppk file (private key).

Step 5
Now run Putty.exe host name give Elastic IP or Public DNS name(If no elastic IP) and choose connection type SSH

Step 6
Authentication with private key. 
Category -> Connection -> SSH -> Auth browse and select .ppk file the click Open button.

Step 7
Instance cloud connected successfully. 

Execute following commands.
Update the Package
sudo apt-get update
Install Apache2
sudo apt-get install apache2
Install PHP5
sudo apt-get install php5
apt-get install 
Install MySQL
sudo apt-get install mysql-server libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql
Install PhpMyAdmin
sudo apt-get install phpmyadmin
Restart Apache2
sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
Now your web services is ready. You can upload your files into /var/www/ directory using FTP.
Access http://ElasticIP/. It works!
FileZilla - File Uploads
Using the open source FTP tool you can upload files into Amazon EC2 instance box. Download here and install into your PC.
Step 1
Select File-> Site Manager

Step 2
Give host name as your instance box Elastic IP and select Server Type SFTP-SSH File Transfer Protocol. Click OK not Connect

Step 3
Adding private key for instance cloud authentication. Edit -> Settings -> Connectin -> SFTP click Add keyfile button to browsed and choose existing .ppk file. Eg:keypair.ppk

Step 4
Now Got File-> Site Manager click Connect button.

Instance connected. Now you can upload files from local PC to Amazon EC2 Instance Cloud /var/www/ directory.

Amazon EC2 instance only providing public DNS name, If you reboot existing instance box the public DNS name will change, using Elastic IP we can solve this problem DNS problem it's static.

STEP - 1 
Click on VPC under Compute & Networking menu,
STEP -2 
Click on Elastic IP on left menu
Clicking on Allocate New Address, amazon will provide you dedicated IP address.

STEP - 4
Amazon generated an IP address, now map IP address to Instance box (Eg:placmentprofession). While clicking on Associate Address button.

Getting started with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud(EC2)
Amazon providing 720 hours free tier micro instance box. Very first you have to create an account in with valid credit card and then activate micro free tie. 
Click here to access Amazon console dashboard. 
STEP - 1
STEP - 2 
STEP - 3
STEP - 4
STEP - 5

STEP - 6

STEP - 7
STEP - 8
STEP - 9
STEP - 10