Larsen & Tourbo InfoTech Ltd. Placement Patterns - Larsen & Tourbo InfoTech Ltd. Sample Papers with patterns

Aptitude Test
  1. There were totally 90 questions; 30 from quans, 30 from verbal, 30 from logical.
  2. Questions of quans were from problems on trains, problems on ages, problems on numbers, boats & streams, profit and loss, percentage, average, probability, time and work.
  3. Questions of verbal are from verbal analogies, error spotting, completing statements, sentence correction, synonyms, comprehension, jumbled sentence.
  4. Questions of logical are from cause & effect, verbal reasoning, statement and conclusion, statement and argument, logical deduction.
  5.  It will be better if we refer R.S.Agarwal.
Group Discussion
  1. Twenty five members were allotted per group. Each group was given a different topic. The topic given to us is "Is dress-code implementation in educational institutions mandatory?".
  2.  It is better to initiate or conclude the discussion. Eye-eye contact is important. Be in a proper posture and use gentle gesture.
  3.  The point we speak should be valid. Don't deviate from the topic.
Technical Interview
  1. The questions were asked from my resume. Regarding area of interest, languages, paper presentation.
  2. Be strong in languages you include in your resume.
  3. Don't include things which are unnecessary.
  4. Update yourself in your area of interest.
Essay writing
  1. This is not an elimination round. This round is to check our grammar skills, sentence formation and thought process.
  2. The topic given to us is "How can I be a change-maker-What change I wish to see in this world?".
Final HR
  1. Final HR is entirely a selection process. Questions will be asked to check our fluency. Questions regarding personal life were asked. I was asked to choose my own topic and talk about that. We will be asked to sign a declaration form after the interview process.
Areas and languages to be focused
  1. Select your area of interest in prior and update yourself regularly. The count of area of interest doesn't matter but you should be aware of everything related to whatever you include.
  2.  Be strong in programming languages like C, C++ and Java. At least learn basics.