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 Coding Decoding
What is Coding Decoding :
A 'Code' is a system of conveying a message through signals. It is a method of sending a message between sender and the receiver in such a way that only the sender and the receiver can know its meaning. However 'Coding' is done according a certain pattern in the mind of the sender. Therefore, its meaning can be deciphered by a third person. Only if he carefully studies this pattern . This process is called 'Decoding'. This capability is important in many fields of application.

   The 'Coding- Decoding' test is set up to judge the candidates's ability to decipher the pattern which goes behind a coded message or statement. There are many types of coding:

In such questions, code values are assigned to a word in terms of the alphabets. There are following types of letter coding.

Type 1 : In this category, one word is coded according to a particular pattern and the candidate is asked to give the code letters for another word following the same pattern of coding.

Ex The word MAN is coded as NBO. Which of the following should be the code for SKY ?

Sol : The first letter of the code N comes after M. the first letter of the word in question. Similarly, the second letter B comes next to A of the question, and the third letter of code O comes after N of the main word. Following this pattern we can say that TLZ is coded as SKY.

Ex2. In a secret way of writing INDIA is written as JOEJB, how would youSPACE in that language ?
(a) BUTQE   (b) TQBDF     (c) UTQED    (d) SUTQD 

Sol :Each letter of the given word is moved one step ahead and this gives us the subsequent letter of its code.
     The correct answer is TQBDF

Type 2 : Sometimes a full sentence may be coded and the candidates are asked to code a word bearing in mind that code. It is possible that the code may nor follow the method of going farward or backward in the alphabetic sequence. Simply a letter of the original sentence may be given a different letter as a code. While solving puzzle, you have to keep that in method in mind.

Ex: In a secrete way of writing , GANDHI WAS A GREAT LEADER OF INDIA is written as RUFZOJ SUV U RDTUB QTUZTD EP JFZJU. Keeping in mind , pick the code for each word given below from the choices given:


(a) VBDERE   (b) VBDEER  (c) VBEDFR   (d) VBDEFR (e) None



(a) JVQUFZ  (b) ZFUQVJ  (c) QUFZJV (d) FUZJVQ  (e) NNone


In these questions either numerical values are assigned to a word or alphabetical code values are assigned to the numbers. The candidate is required to analyse the ode according to the directions.

EX : In a given code SISTER is coded as 535301. UNCLE as 84670 and BOY as 129. How is RUSTIC  written in the code ?

(a) 633185   (b) 185336   (c) 363815   (d) 581363   (e) None

Ans : In this code the alphabets are coded as follows

         S I S T E R     U N C L E    B O Y
          5 3 5 3 0 1     8  4  6  7  0    1 2  9
  If we apply this method , the code omes out to be 185336

Ex2 : In a certain code REASON is written as 621754 and TRUTH as 86983. Find out the codes for 

(a) 7548261   (b) 8621754   (c) 7452861   (d) 2865614   (e) None

Ans : T = 8;   R =6;   E =2;   A =1;   S =7;   O =5;   N =4


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