Apple’s request to block Samsung Galaxy tablet, phone sales in the US is denied.
As the legal drama between Apple and Samsung drags on around the world, US District Court Judge has rejected Apple’s request to block the sales of Galaxy devices. Reuters reports the ruling came out late Friday, with the judge deciding “It is not clear that an injunction on Samsung’s accused devices would prevent Apple from being irreparably harmed,”. This isn’t the first rejection for the folks from Cupertino either, after a request to speed up the trial was also denied back in July. The case itself will of course go on, but this means you’ll still be able to get your hands on those Galaxy Tabs, Galaxy S IIs, and the like in the meantime

Google has again strike back  with its new look for the you tube. Google has been involved in series of changes in its look for its products since the launch of G+ or even before. Now its time for You Tube to take part in the transformation process. Yes, Google has came up with the new look to its video sharing website You Tube from Thursday.

YouTube has reprogrammed its website to make it easier for viewers to find and watch their favorite channels.The new look has been made to make the You Tube similar to the cable TV. In the process, YouTube owner Google Inc. hopes to make money selling ads.The changes are part of the biggest renovation that YouTube has undertaken since Google bought the site for $1.76 billion five years ago.

Apple applies for ‘digital handshake’ patent powered by invisible ink !
Time for the usual disclaimer, since we are taking a journey into the murky world of Cupertino’s patent applications — it’s just as likely we will never see or hear of this tech again as it is to wind up in the next iPhone. While everyone else is betting on NFC, Apple wants to use next-generation cameras and invisible ink to negotiate digital handshakes. Snap a picture of a cash register with a barcode and your iDevice will generate a unique ID to pair up — but in order to keep the technology secure, the codes would have to be painted on with “invisible” fluorescent coatings. When you’re pairing two iPhones (for example) to share contacts, the key could be generated on one of the screens while the other took a picture of it. If this all seems too complex, boring and pointless now, just think, this could be how we log into Foursquare in a decade’s time.

Google Chrome OS on your netbook, its something that most you want to have. It is cheaper than any Chromebook available in the market now.
Lime is a new build announced by Hexxeh which gives you daily builds from Chromium OS so that you will have the latest Chromium OS features available along with added hardware support to get it working on a variety of hardware combinations.

Google announced yesterday the Android Market has hit a new milestone – 10 billion apps downloads. The search giant also revealed the Android Market is a fast accelerating growth, currently at nearly one billion app downloads per month.
To celebrate, Google has partnered with various Android developers whose apps contributed to this reach this milestone, making some of their full apps available for just 10 cents for the next ten days.
Each day a new selection of apps will be available, starting with Asphalt 6 HD, Color & Draw for Kids, Endomondo Sports Tracker Pro, Fieldrunners HD, Great Little War Game, Minecraft, Paper Camera, Sketchbook Mobile, Soundhound Infinity and SwiftKey X.
Here is a screen shot of Android Market (Smartphone Version) !
Some 10 apps given as a starter offer…

Developing an application for an Os market has became an trend and also a most important part. In addition to the existing market like Android and Apple markets now Microsoft is all set to come to the market trend. For long time there was news that Windows app store will come and it finally made official.

The Windows Store will open in late February when Microsoft releases a test version of its next-generation Windows 8 operating system.It will take on Apple and Google in the booming market of fun, hip or functional programs built for smartphones, tablets, or computers.

“I think we are going to do great,” Windows Web Services vice president Antoine Leblond said as he gave developers and press a preview of the store in a San Francisco art gallery.
Independent developers understandably devote their limited resources to making programs for platforms that promise the most potential customers, and Windows would outshine Apple gadgets and Google Android devices in that regard.”There are more Windows PCs (personal computers) than there are cars on the planet,” Leblond said. “The number is staggering.”

Day by day the computer threats are rising exponentially. We all know about the scams that attacked most of the Facebook Accounts.
Here is an info-graphic to bring out the growth of viruses and its effects !

Open a login page of facebook and save it by right clicking.

check the downloaded file…. there will be
one htm file(Welcome to Facebook.htm)
A folder(Welcome to Facebook_files) containing some pics, css files and js files.(this folder contains 3rd type of files that i hv mentioned above.)
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1. What is data structure?
A data structure is a way of organizing data that considers not only the items stored, but also their relationship to each other. Advance knowledge about the relationship between data items allows designing of efficient algorithms for the manipulation of data.
2. List out the areas in which data structures are applied extensively?
1.    Compiler Design,
2.    Operating System,
3.    Database Management System,
4.    Statistical analysis package,
5.    Numerical Analysis,
6.    Graphics,
7.    Artificial Intelligence,
8.    Simulation
3. What are the major data structures used in the following areas : RDBMS, Network data model and Hierarchical data model.
1.    RDBMS = Array (i.e. Array of structures)
2.    Network data model = Graph
3.    Hierarchical data model = Trees
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1.     A set of rules, which enable orderly exchange of information between two devices.
a)  Topology      b) Protocol       c) Transmission Media       d) None of the above

2. ISO stands for
a) International Standards Organization        b) International Organization for Standardization
c) Both of above                                            d) None of above

3. Proposal for a new Internet standard is called
a)     RFC             b) Internet draft           c) Draft Standard            d) Proposed Standard

4. The data sent between layers is called
a)     Protocol Data Unit        b) Datagram          c) Service Data Unit          d) Packet

5.The Private Automatic Branch Exchange is an example of
      a) Bus Topology       b) Ring Topology       c) Tree Topology     d) Star Topology

6. Topology, which connects every single node in the network to every other node, is
      a) Star           b) Ring          c) Mesh          d) Bus

7. Which of the following is not a hybrid topology
      a) Tree          b) String        c) Bus            d) None of the above

Linux interview questions
What is Kernel? Explain the task it performs. 
Kernel is used in UNIX like systems and is considered to be the heart of the operating system. It is responsible for communication between hardware and software components. It is primarily used for managing the systems resources as well.
Kernel Activities:
The Kernel task manager allows tasks to run concurrently.
Managing the computer resources: Kernel allows the other programs to run and use the resources

Resources include i/o devices, CPU, memory.
Kernel is responsible for Process management. It allows multiple processes to run simultaneously allowing user to multitask.
Kernel has an access to the systems memory and allows the processes to access the memory when required.
Processes may also need to access the devices attached to the system. Kernel assists the processes in doing so.

Java interview questions

What are Native methods in Java?

Java applications can call code written in C, C++, or assembler. This is sometimes done for performance and sometimes to access the underlying host operating system or GUI API using the JNI.

The steps for doing that are:

  • First write the Java code and compile it
  • Then create a C header file
  • Create C stubs file
  • Write the C code
  • Create shared code library (or DLL)
  • Run application

What are class loaders?

The class loader describes the behavior of converting a named class into the bits responsible for implementing that class.

Class loaders eradicate the JREs need to know anything about files and file systems when running Java programs.

A class loader creates a flat name space of class bodies that are referenced by a string name and are written as:

Class r = loadClass(String className, boolean resolveIt);

What is Reflection API in Java?

The Reflection API allows Java code to examine classes and objects at run time. The new reflection classes allow you to call another class's methods dynamically at run time. With the reflection classes, you can also examine an instance's fields and change the fields' contents.

The Reflection API consists of the java.lang.Class class and the java.lang.reflect classes: Field, Method, Constructor, Array, and Modifier.

SQL Server interview questions

Explain the use of keyword WITH ENCRYPTION. Create a Store Procedure with Encryption.

It is a way to convert the original text of the stored procedure into encrypted form. The stored procedure gets obfuscated and the output of this is not visible to

<<    SELECT statement>>

What is a linked server in SQL Server?

It enables SQL server to address diverse data sources like OLE DB similarly. It allows Remote server access and has the ability to issue distributed queries, updates, commands and transactions.

Features and concepts of Analysis Services

Analysis Services is a middle tier server for analytical processing, OLAP, and Data mining. It manages multidimensional cubes of data and provides access to heaps of information including aggregation of data One can create data mining models from data sources and use it for Business Intelligence also including reporting features.
Some of the key features are:
·         Ease of use with a lot of wizards and designers.
·         Flexible data model creation and management
·         Scalable architecture to handle OLAP
·         Provides integration of administration tools, data sources, security, caching, and reporting etc.
·         Provides extensive support for custom applications

What is Analysis service repository?

Every Analysis server has a repository to store metadata for the objects  like cubes, data sources etc. It’s by default stored in a MS Access database which can be also migrated to a SQL Server database.

What is SQL service broker?

Service Broker allows internal and external processes to send and receive guaranteed, asynchronous messaging. Messages can also be sent to remote servers hosting databases as well. The concept of queues is used by the broker to put a message in a queue and continue with other applications asynchronously. This enables client applications to process messages at their leisure without blocking the broker. Service Broker uses the concepts of message ordering, coordination, multithreading and receiver management to solve some major message queuing problems. It allows for loosely coupled services, for database applications.

What is user defined datatypes and when you should go for them?

User defined data types are based on system data types. They should be used when multiple tables need to store the same type of data in a column and you need to ensure that all these columns are exactly the same including length, and nullability.
Parameters for user defined datatype:
System data type on which user defined data type is based upon.
For example, a user-defined data type called post_code could be created based on char system data type.

What is bit datatype?

A bit datatype is an integer data type which can store either a 0 or 1 or null value.

Describe the XML support SQL server extends.
SQL Server (server-side) supports 3 major elements:
  1. Creation of XML fragments: This is done from the relational data using FOR XML to the select query. 
  2. Ability to shred xml data to be stored in the database.
  3. Finally, storing the xml data.
Client-side XML support in SQL Server is in the form of SQLXML. It can be described in terms of
  • XML Views:  providing bidirectional mapping between XML schemas and relational tables.
  • Creation of XML Templates:  allows creation of dynamic sections in XML.

PHP interview questions
What is PHP?
PHP (Hyper text Pre Processor) is a scripting language commonly used for web applications. PHP can be easily embedded in HTML. PHP generally runs on a web server. It is available for free and can be used across a variety of servers, operating systems and platforms.
What Is a Session in PHP?
A PHP session is no different from a normal session. It can be used to store information on the server for future use. However this storage is temporary and is flushed out when the site is closed. Sessions can start by first creating a session id (unique) for each user.
Syntax : session_start()
E.g. storing a customer’s information.
Explain the difference between $message and $$message.
$message is used to store variable data. $$message can be used to store variable of a variable. Data stored in $message is fixed while data stored in $$message can be changed dynamically.
E.g. $var1 = ‘Variable 1’
$$var1= ‘variable2’
This can be interpreted as $ Variable 1=‘variable2’;
For me to print value of both variables, I will write
$var1 $($var1)
What Is a Persistent Cookie?
Cookies are used to remember the users. Content of a Persistent cookie remains unchanged even when the browser is closed. ‘Remember me’ generally used for login is the best example for Persistent Cookie.
Explain the differences between require and include, include_once.
Include () will include the file specified.
Include_once () will include the file only once even if the code of the file has been included before.
Require () and include () are the same with respect to handling failures. However, require () results in a fatal error and does not allow the processing of the page.
What is urlencode and urldecode?

C  Questions

Note : All the programs are tested under Turbo C/C++ compilers. 
It is assumed that,
Ø  Programs run under DOS environment,
Ø  The underlying machine is an x86 system,
Ø  Program is compiled using Turbo C/C++ compiler.
The program output may depend on the information based on this assumptions (for example sizeof(int) == 2 may be assumed).

Predict the output or error(s) for the following:

1.      void main()
            int  const * p=5;
                        Compiler error: Cannot modify a constant value.
p is a pointer to a "constant integer". But we tried to change the value of the "constant integer".

2.      main()
            char s[ ]="man";
            int i;
            for(i=0;s[ i ];i++)
            printf("\n%c%c%c%c",s[ i ],*(s+i),*(i+s),i[s]);
s[i], *(i+s), *(s+i), i[s] are all different ways of expressing the same idea. Generally  array name is the base address for that array. Here s is the base address. i is the index number/displacement from the base address. So, indirecting it with * is same as s[i]. i[s] may be surprising. But in the  case of  C  it is same as s[i].

3.      main()
            float me = 1.1;
            double you = 1.1;
printf("I love U");
                        printf("I hate U");
I hate U
For floating point numbers (float, double, long double) the values cannot be predicted exactly. Depending on the number of bytes, the precession with of the value  represented varies. Float takes 4 bytes and long double takes 10 bytes. So float stores 0.9 with less precision than long double.
Rule of Thumb:
Never compare or at-least be cautious when using floating point numbers with relational operators (== , >, <, <=, >=,!= ) . 
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Welcome to Infosys Placement Paper Infosys 2011. Here you will find January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper Pattern and Download questions of Infosys Placement Paper 2010 with Answers & Solutions.

January 2011 Infosys Placement Paper:-

1)  If a die has 1,6 and 3,4 and 2,5 opposite each other how many such dies can be made.

2) There are three boxes , In one box Two white balls , In two box 2 black balls In three box 1 white &1 black
The lables on the boxes are not correct.Then you have to open one box and to find the colour of the balls in all boxes.

Solution: Open the box labled black& white If white balls are there then the box labled with white balls
contain black balls and labled with black balls contain one black and one white ball and viceversa
if two black ballsare there.

3) there are containing 5 , 7 , 14 , 16 , 18 , 29 balls of either red or blue in colour. Some boxes contain only red balls and others contain only blue . One sales man sold one box out of them and then he says " I have the same number of red balls left out as that of blue ".

Which box is the one he solds out ?

Ans : total no of balls = 89 and (89-29 /2 = 60/2 = 30

and also 14 + 16 = 5 + 7 + 18 = 30

Test Method:-

The test Paper consists of 2 sections:

1 Quantitative test:  Duration:   30 Questions40 minutes
It had 6 questions had 5 internal questions (6*5=30)
·         Puzzles-2,
·         Data Interpretation
·         Data Sufficiency
·         Non verbal
·         Syllogism.

2 VERBAL TEST:   Duration:   40 questions in 30mins.

·         Two big passages are given. Fives marks for each passages
·         Correction of phrases in sentences                               
·         Two articles are given.
·          Fill in the Blanks
·          3 or 4 lines paragraphs are given and corresponding conclusion for that paragraphs should be selected from the given options.
·         A sentence is given by using different prepositions we have to select the right one.
·         Rest 5 r different types.

Technical + HR Interview:

                  In the Technical cum HR Interview, It will be very cool, First of all We have to be very cool, please be cheerful through out the Interview. The HR may ask you the questions like:

·         Tell me about yourself.
·         Family Background.
·         Project Details
·         Achievements.
·         Hobbies.
·         Paper Presentations.
·         Simple Puzzles.

One thing we have to remember that the HR will see the Spontaneity in you and she/ He will observes your face feelings and the way of your attitude towards the Questions. In some cases you may face stress Interview, there, just test the Patience only.

  Be cool and give clear and brief responses to the HR, the chances of getting JOB in Infosys is more and more once you clear the written test.



 In the Test there are questions totally aptitude 30 questions 45 minutes time. Next round English it has 40 questions 30 minutes. In the aptitude
1. Running race problem
2. Non-verbal analogies
3. Data suffiency
4. Bar charts
5. Dresses, colors and fruits problem
6. Syllogism

English Paper:  It is little tough just be thorough with the Grammar.


          In my panel two experienced women was there
HR      : ya! anand take your seat.
ME      :  thank you madam.
HR      : Give your resume.
ME      : I gave my Résumé, they asked about my hometown [Cuddalore]
HR      : Tell me some interesting features about Cuddalore
ME      : I told some interesting places in cuddalore,
HR      : Tell me about your college life
ME      :I told them, what was the role I did in my college
HR      : They asked about my hostel life?
ME      : I told them about my “best outgoing hostel student award” [because I mentioned in my resume]
HR      : one of my interviewer said that she never saw such an award like mentioned above.
ME      :Then puzzle

X         X         X

X         X         X

X         X         X
HR      : Consider all x as wolf and there was a fence .You should draw one square and one rectangle so that each wolf should be in one box.
ME      :  I tried to some extend, but can’t.
HR      : what is your area of interest?
ME      : data communication and networking
HR      : what is the current security system we using?
ME      : I told about cryptography
HR      : what is the latest technology using in mobile communication?
ME      : I told ‘CDMA’ and 3g networks
HR      : you organized any symposium?
ME      : I told my college symposium ‘trendz05’
HR      : you attended previous any interviews?
ME      : I told satyam attended
HR      : u cleared group discussion?
ME      : yes
HR      : which topic they gave?
ME      : dress coat should be banned or not
HR      : nice we will discuss.
ME      : we discussed lot.
HR      : they asked “your opinion”
ME      : I explained my ideas and views
HR      : why you are choosing software? Why you are not choosing
             Electronics jobs? (because I am ECE stream)
ME      : I told” I am having logical and analytical ability and time management”
I explained all things
HR      : ok, anand you have any questions?
ME      : what is my career growth in your company?
HR      : it is fully based on your performance. ok thank u anand.
I was waiting outside for 15 minutes. They told go and attend
Second round
There only one person is there. I entered in to the room.
HR      : please take your seat.
ME      : I told thank you
HR      : anand what is your hobbies
ME      : playing cricket, listening music
HR      : you talk half minute about cricket
ME      : I explained.
HR      : why nowadays India loosing the matches give some reason?
ME      : I told some reasons. he satisfied.
HR      : what is your strength?
ME      : I told quick learner
HR      : Give one small incident about quick learner
ME      : I explained my college incident
HR      : What you know about infosys?
ME      : already I know company profile so I explained very well.
HR      : why should I hire you?
ME      : I am having analytical ability and logical skills; I am a quick learner,
Whatever giving assignment I will do my best and effective role in a team sir

HR      : ok anand we will contact your mail within 4 weeks.
ME      :thank you, sir